Выключатель Multitouch с подсветкой Черный

SANYO Multitouch – Much more than just a button
SANYO Multitouch is an innovative unique operating concept. With 20 different swipe gestures you have your smart home under control. The acoustic signaller or the integrated RGB lighting provide your individual feedback. Through the integrated temperature and humidity sensor, you have all the necessary data always in view.

  • Highlights:Innovative operating concept
  • Unique and intuitive operating concept with swipe gestures.
  • 20 different swipe gestures
  • For shutter, light, heating and much more
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Integrated humidity sensor
  • Connectable via Quickbus
  • Plug & Play integration (connected and programmed very quickly)
  • Flexible parameterization
  • Integrated signal generator for alarm or notification tones