Датчик Температуры 1-Wire для теплых полов


The pre-assembled digital 1-Wire bus sleeve temperature sensor is flexible and can be used from the cavity wall box to the outside area.

Due to the pre-assembled cables you save valuable time and can connect up to 32 sensors to one IO-Server.


Technical Data:

  • Flexible mounting options: Intermediate walls, flush-mounted sockets, outdoor, liquids, ground
  • Measuring range: -50/+80°C
  • Type: DS18B20
  • Stainless steel box, length 50mm
  • Humidity tight grouted
  • Preassembled cable, length 2m, 3x0.34mm²
  • Pin assignment: WH: GND, GY: 1, BN: +5
  • Compatible to SANYO IO-SERVER